We were responsible for the project art, photography and design direction. We’ve also developed the communication materials, and created and developed all video contents for the show.

We created a visual universe that translated – in a contemporary way – the whole tradition of the band. Respecting its history, we brought much innovation for both the show and the overall communication.

Taking care of all this, we have managed to create a very strong “Barão Vermelho” brand, which is consistently reverberating to all the band touchpoints with its audience.

barao_simbolos2 Barao_07b
Barao_05b barai_template_fotos_projeto1
Poster_Mockup_trio1 Poster_Mockup_trio2
barao-vermelho-21 barao-vermelho-26 barao-vermelho-1 barao-vermelho-4

Barão Vermelho – #barãoprasempre tour
Art Direction: 
Leo Eyer e Batman Zavareze
Photography: Elisa Mendes e Juliana Chalita

Equipe Design Gráfico
Design Direction: Leo Eyer
Graphic Design: Leo Eyer e Mariana Monteiro
Design Assistance: Eduarda Severo
Design Coordination: Vivianne Jorás

Equipe Cenário e Videos
General Direction: Batman Zavareze
Editing Coordination: Glauber Vianna
Editing and Animation: Glauber Vianna, Rafael Galo, João Oliveira e Batman Zavareze
Mapping: João Paulo de Carvalho