The briefing consisted in developing a contemporary and sustainable Christmas tree. We had two goals: the structure should be reassembled every year, and it should be made with materials that would be discarded by the company. Through our research we discovered a large amount of out-of-date Perrier glass water bottles in their way to be recycled, so we decided to recycle them in a different way, providing them a more playful use. We cleaned and polished them, taking out their base so we could insert LED lamps. Then we mounted steel cable lines in which we distributed the water bottles in a equidistant formation. We composed these elements into a cone, as Christmas trees are shaped, and suspended them in a demountable structure capable of incorporating future add-ons. Through the years, the town’s habitants have been amazed by the tree and it became one of the tourist attractions during Christmas time.


Christmas Tree in São Lourenço Park
Client: Nestlé Waters
Design Direction: Leo Eyer
Scenographer: Mario Passos
Scenography Production: Jully Troitino
Executive Project: Luana Nunes
Operations Coordination: Vivianne Jorás