PittiUomo is the world’s most important fashion event, and is annually held in Florence, Italy. We were asked by Batman Zavareze to develop the visual language of the show. To awaken the European’s perception to Brazilian design, the visual identity developed to “Guest Nation Brazil Tudo É” made a hommage to the work of two great Brazilian modernists artists and designers: Aloísio Magalhães and Athos Bulcão, by reinterpreting their works in a more contemporary way.

Uomo_01 Uomo_02 Uomo_03 Uomo_04 Uomo_05 Uomo_08 Uomo_09 Uomo_10 Uomo_11 Uomo_12 Uomo_13

Brazil Tudo É_Pitti Uomo (2010)
: 27 + 1 Comunicação Visual, Alberto Salvatori and Andrea Gissoni
Creative Direction: Billy Bacon and Batman Zavareze
Art Direction + Graphic Design: Billy Bacon
Design Assistence: Nicolau Mello and Antonio Caamaño