After the company’s purchase by The Coca-Cola Company, we were invited by Santa Clara Agency to develop in “four hands” the redesign of the following company brands: Leão Júnior, Matte Leão, Chá Leão, and its respective packaging lines, composed at that time of  around 270 SKU’s. Our main goal was to restore the traditional image of the brand, recovering its main elements and color coding, but making it contemporary and clean. We were also looking for integrating the complete packaging line – mates, rtd’s and teas – and bringing the clear understanding that they all are part of the same family of products. Besides that, we wanted the healthy aspect of the product to stand out showing the Leão “tag”, traditional of the infusion teas packaging and incorporating it to the complete packaging line.

matteleao_galeria01 matteleao_galeria02matteleao_galeria04


Matte Leão Packaging
Client: Matte Leão/Santa Clara
Design Direction: Santa Clara and Bold°
Design: Carlos André Eyer, Leo Eyer and Leandro Santos
Assistance and Finishing: Pedro Pinhal, Renata Crelier, Silvio Cunha and Sofia Costa Pinto