Generating brand value for a project that seeks to improve the quality of education in the country public schools.



Instituto Sonho Grande acts in a transparent and objective manner, in the search for excellent public education that generates equal opportunities for all. Since 2015, it has been dedicated to promoting in high schools the implementation of an innovative model focused on the integral development of students.

After proving the success of the project, successively hitting its goals, it was understood that it would be fundamental for its growth to reposition the brand so that it would become more known and valued. For this to happen, it needed to communicate properly with its diverse audiences, transmitting its attributes in an appropriate and consistent approach.

To set the path for this new positioning, we implemented a process of knowledge exchange, research and analysis to define the best solution for all stakeholders involved. Revitalizing the identity was a perceived and implemented strategic need, which brought greater coherence to communication at all points of contact with the brand.

In order to contribute to the Institute’s project growth goals, such as: increasing its expansion and number of students participating in the model, new communication guidelines were defined.

Tone of voice, hierarchy of information and communication, among others, were established to complement and unify the language, resulting in a new way of presenting itself, which reinforces the Institute’s personality and credibility.

A consistent visual identity system was also created, using different communication intensities for the different audiences with which the brand communicates.

The implementation of the project included as well, the development of stationery materials, guidelines and communication templates, the setting and signage of the company’s workspace and the complete redesign of the website.

The new website has then become an important tool for the propagation of the integral education model, through the provision of several studies that contribute to the debate about education in the country.

All this work was developed so that, in the long run, the Institute meets its goal of transforming education, achieving results similar to the best existing educational systems, seeking to reduce the country’s socio-economic inequalities.


The development of the new brand of Instituto Sonho Grande started from four main concepts:
path, connection, focus and dream.


How do we transform it into identity?


The logo design, composed of simple geometric shapes, conveys impact, consistency and credibility.

Symmetry, in addition to strengthening confidence, reveals the desire for equal opportunities in access to quality education.

The rich diversity of people and ideas is expressed by the set of colors. The typographic choice encourages direct, human and accessible communication.

The purple of the logo symbolizes innovation, intelligence and capacity for achievement. The colored rays represent the “big dream” and inspire evolution in search of an ideal.

Brand Manual


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Institutional Materials

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Templates/Communication Materials







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Client: Instituto Sonho Grande
Design DirectionLeo Eyer
Design: Rodrigo Moura e Matheus Siqueira
Digital Environment: Rodrigo Perez e Fernando Carvalho
Ambiance Project: Mário Passos
Production: Danielle Holanda
Operations Coordination: Vivianne Jorás