Product Design, Brand Identity, Packaging, Communication Campaign and Launch Strategy

The Lemon Bag refers to popular nylon nets used to package lemons on street fairs. Extremely light and compact when empty, they have the remarkable ability to conform itself to the content that is inserted inside. Made by molded silicone, Lemon Bag has a flat shape when empty, which facilitates their storage; and becomes a kind of net to wrap the object it will carry, like wine bottles, for example. Produced in various colors, its closure is guaranteed by the use of built-in magnets.

Exhibited at the  5th Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño – BID, Madrid, Spain –  2016
Selected at the  5th Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño – BID, Madrid, Spain –  2016

lemon_02 lemon_03 lemon_04 lemon_05 lemon_07 lemon_08 lemon_11

Lemon Bag
Client: Bold°_a design company
Design Direction: Leo Eyer
Design Coordination: Fábio Gaspar
Package and POP Design: Fábio Gaspar, Vivianne Gonzalez and Rebecca Bortolami
Graphic Design: Rodrigo Moura, Alexandre Paranaguá and Jean Paulo Faustino
Operations Coordination: Vivianne Jorás