Aligning identity with the institution’s purpose.

Brand Identity and Communication Campaign

The City of Rio de Janeiro Planetarium, created in 1970, is a foundation that believes in social transformation through the knowledge of astronomy, integrated with other fields of science, education and culture. In a didactic and interactive way, it promotes experiences and cultural events, serving students from the Municipal Education network and the general public.

Its objective is to always be at the forefront of knowledge in the area in which it operates, establishing links with users, working on humanitarian values ​​and social causes. They invest in collaborative and continuous work, always promoting the concepts of the planet sustainability.

In 2020, the Planetarium completed 50 years. Due to this special date, the Foundation decided to develop a project, where the strategic need to renew and give longevity to its identity was perceived. The project consisted of redesigning the logo, creating a commemorative stamp, in addition to developing corporate and commemorative communication materials. All of this in an important year to strengthen the relevance of the work developed by the institution, at a very significant date and time, making clearer its purpose, time of existence and achievements.

2020_05_08 - PLA_Portfolio_L_062 2020_05_08 - PLA_Portfolio_L_063PLA_Motion_1920x10802020_05_08 - PLA_Portfolio_L_065 PLA_Logo2020_05_08 - PLA_Portfolio_L_069 2020_05_08 - PLA_Portfolio_L_0610 2020_05_08 - PLA_Portfolio_L_0611 2020_05_08 - PLA_Portfolio_L_0612 2020_05_08 - PLA_Portfolio_L_0613

Commemorative Graphics

The deconstructed logo turns into orbits and stars celebrating together the Planetarium’s 50th anniversary.

2020_05_08 - PLA_Portfolio_L_0616 2020_05_08 - PLA_Portfolio_L_0617 2020_05_08 - PLA_Portfolio_L_0618 2020_05_08 - PLA_Portfolio_L_0619 2020_05_08 - PLA_Portfolio_L_0620 2020_05_08 - PLA_Portfolio_L_0621 2020_05_08 - PLA_Portfolio_L_0622 2020_05_08 - PLA_Portfolio_L_0623 2020_05_08 - PLA_Portfolio_L_0624

Client: Planetário da Cidade do RJ
Design Direction: Leo Eyer
Graphic Design: Rodrigo Moura
Design Assistant: Matheus Siqueira
Operations Coordination: Vivianne Jorás